Question Turning on gaming mode from BIOS made the computer unbootable so I had to do a cmos reset, but now one of my monitors won't display ?

Feb 3, 2021
So, I decided to give gaming mode a try, which was a very bad call apparently, my computer failed to load past msi loading screen with the spinning circles. I had to do a cmos reset: I switched off the psu, then unplugged the cable, then took out my gpu so I could reach the battery. Lastly I took out the battery waited about 15-20s then put everything back on. Now here's the weird part, my computer is working fine now except that my second monitor (HDMI) isn't getting detected unlike my main monitor (dp). I've tried using detect on windows, unplugging and replugging, even plugging into my mb to see if it gets detected but nothing. Any ideas?

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