Question Turning wired headset into bluetooth headset: microphone issues ?


Nov 22, 2015
Hey everyone,

I've been working a lil project to turn my wired Razer Electra v2 into a bluetooth headset to save myself some $$$ (keen on a bluetooth headset but not so much on buying a new pair of headphones altogether)

I purchased a bluetooth 5.0 adaptor for my PC as my mobo doesn't have any bluetooth capability and had this lying around already (bluetooth receiver/transmitter)

Got it all connected and the audio works great, only problem is the microphone doesn't work. Is it at all possible to have the headset microphone work in this configuration or is it impossible?

I've got a headphone/microphone splitter available and have two of the above mentioned bluetooth reciever/transmitters lying around if that helps)

appreciate any advice and thank you in advance! :)


That adapter has a 3 pole connection, it is never going to transmit the mic signal.

With two adapters hanging off the mic and headphone connection of the splitter, it may work for sending the signal out but then the receiver needs to be able to connect to both of them at once and play them together, I don't know if any bluetooth adapters can do that.

Bit pointless to do that anyway, with the cable and those to adapters at the end you may as well just keep it wired. It's not like you can remove the cable from that model headset to free yourself from wires.