Turning your computer with no RAM


Mar 23, 2007
My story begins like this. My old faulty RAM was malfunctioning so I sent it back to newegg but since it takes like a week to get it back I bought 512 RAM from staples. I put a new ram stick 512 that I just bought and it fit properly but the hinges the things that lock it couldn't reach but I turned my computer on anyway, It made a weird sound so I freaked out and turned off my comp and took out the stick and try to turn on my computer with no ram in it and it turns on but doesn't go to bios and there is no video output either... I didn't check if my computer goes to bios if I have no ram in it so now I am unsure if I broke my computer by turning it off or if its just normal for a computer not to go to BIOS if you have no ram.

Please excuse my spelling/format as I would like to get an answer asap.


Feb 21, 2006

The beeping sound coming from your computer happened because your ram was not seated properly in place. I am somewhat confused as to why it didnt beep at you when you turned on the computer without the ram, but everything you experienced is completely normal. A computer cant boot up without ram, it just hangs there doing nothing.

So no you didnt break your computer

your problem lies with the locks that keep the ram in place... if you cant get them in the grooves then your ram is not seated properly. Try putting the ram in again and gently push each end until the ram is completely in. If your ram is completely in the hinges should lock by themselves (but not always).

if that doesn't work then you might have some compatibility issues with the ram you are using. check and see if you are buying ECC unregistered ram, if it is registered then you have the wrong type of ram. Also check the type of ram your motherboard requires (ddr400, ddr 266, ddr2 800 etc.) Those ram types might also be labeled as pc3200, pc2700, pc6000 etc.)

hope that helps