Question TV blinking blue light, no display or sound, works over VGA but not any HDMI ?

Jul 15, 2022
I have got a Medion MD32029 TV for free, in a not working condition. When connected to power, the blue LED light is blinking, with no display. The TV is not detected over any HDMI (maybe my cable is not 2.0, TV is 2160p so that may be why), but both my laptop and PC detect it over VGA port with a VGA-HDMI adapter. I do not have a remote control for the TV, and if only the PSU/MB is toast, i would be willing to replace it, not if display is dead though, but display is not even turning on, so I think it is a PSU problem. MB seems to be working due to the TV being detected. Due to said adapter though, I can not get any audio from the TV, nor send any to it.