TV capture card - criss-cross patterns on S-Video capture



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Using a new Leadtek Winfast PVR2000 tv capture card on WinXPPro.

Image quality on broadcast tv is fine but when I connect the card to my
VHS VCR in order to capture my tapes to the PC (for example) via the
S-Video socket on the card to a SCART socket on the VCR I get a tight
criss-cross pattern, which you can see from this capture screenshot:

Any ideas on what's causing this? Note: it's nothing to do with
recording settings as the criss-cross patterns are there when the video
is just playing 'live' through the capture card.

(Needless to say, the vcr is fine through the telly through the same
scart socket.)

Is it a faulty card, faulty lead or something else?




Jul 1, 2009
That's because you're converting SCART to S-video, which actually converts RCA to S-video. So this is not 'real' S-video and this causes the criss cross pattern. Try using a real S-video output on your VCR. If your VCR doesn't have that, you're better off using RCA from the SCART adapter to the capture card's RCA input.

I see this reply is quite a bit after the first post date. Ah well, at least the question is answered (it came up on Google while I was having the same problem).