TV compatibility?


Jun 3, 2011
Hey just wondering, if I was to connect my PC to my LCD TV via HDMI, would it automatically output without an OS, like a normal monitor? Or do I need to use the old cables rather than HDMI to have it output without an OS? You see when I build my new PC I'm thinking about not getting a monitor for now to save cash and use my TV instead but if I can't use my TV to install the OS then it will fail... Also if I can't connect to my TV with a HDMI cable to the install the OS, could I use the old cables? (IDE I think that's what they're called). Because despite my pc being quite new I think it has spots for the old cables like on PC monitors.



Aug 8, 2008
It's a port configuration thing. If the TV is the only thing plugged-in it should auto out-put to it.

Else POST, BIOS, Boot-Up, Installation will go to the default port. Change the physical port you use to get the desired effect. An DVI to HDMI adapter might be required if you want your TV default.

If you use multiple monitors leave them all on to see which one is default.


I think it's going to be hit and miss. If your system opts to output at a resolution your HDTV can display, you should be fine. My HDTV (Olevia 32" 232T) only accepts a few resolutions from my HTPC. Whenever I have to rebuild my HTPC, I always have to pull out my spare CRT monitor for the build and perform the following:

1) Build system with CRT Monitor connected via VGA D-Sub.
2) Connect the HDTV after the build as a secondary monitor.
3) Find a working resolution (720p).
4) Swap monitors in control panel to make the HDTV the primary monitor.

Then I can disconnect the CRT monitor.

-Wolf sends