Question TV is under warranty but I forgot where I bought it from


Jan 10, 2014
I know this is such a stupid question but how can I figure out where I bought the TV from ?

It's a 40" Sony HDR, 1080P. I bought it about 3 years ago and it has a 5 year warranty. WiFi receiver doesn't work and it often freezes.

I know I asked for advice on what to buy either here or on AVSforums and someone recommended this particular TV which was on sale. I thought it was John Lewis but I contacted them and they have no trace of the sale.

Sorry it's a stupid question but the wife is nagging for a new one and I know for sure it's still under warranty, can't find the paper receipt or an email receipt anywhere.


By and large unless you can find and print out that invoice, you may not have coverage. In some cases you can go register a device and have proof, but could assume this is not the case in this instance.

I find it a good idea to keep even something as simple as a manila folder with important receipts inside. Gets to be a mess to run through every few years, but completely worthwhile.
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If you paid with a credit card, look up the history of your credit card transactions.

If you can find the serial number, that will establish the manufacturing date.
Sony will probably start the warranty some three months after that if you do not have purchase documentation.

Contact Sony for warranty repairs.
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Unless you paid for extended warranty (honored by the seller or third-party, in which case you're out of luck)), warranty service is performed by manufacturer.

I'd go to Sony support site, and check warranty status based on the serial number of that TV.