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Question TV Issues when used as PC monitor

Nov 17, 2019
So, I recently bought a 75" LG 4k UHD TV. I have a couple of questions regarding it. Aside from being a pain to install it looks incredible overall and fits my station just perfectly. However, there are some issues that arise for what I wanted to use it for. I wanted to use it for a TV/PC monitor. Before I was using an LED element that worked just fine as a monitor. However, with this 4k monitor I notice there is a slight lag difference between the 55" I ust to use which is now on the side (So I can see the noticeable difference) and what I have now. I am just wondering what might be causing this lag issue and if there is a way to solve it. So the way I currently have it is as follows:

I currently use a GTX 1080 (regular, not Ti)
I have a HDMI to Display Port running from TV to PC

One possibility I thought up is maybe it would be better to have a full HDMI 2.0 to HDMI instead of having HDMI to Display Port. In which case I would dedicate the other monitors from HDMI to Display port. I also notice that when I go into resolution it only goes up to 1920x1080 in the windows display panel and it does not show an option to go to 4k resolution nor an option to up the refresh rate to something beefier like 120 hz (which I would think would be nice to have for such a large TV) The lag is not terrible, but it is certainly noticable. I hate to give up this 75" because it fits perfectly, was a good price, looks incredible, and took alot of work just to install the dam thing to take it all down and return it.