Question TV/monitor for second display ~500CAD, 28-32inch. at least 1080p, good picture ; refresh rate and response time not as important.


May 20, 2013
My main display is a 24.5 inch zowie monitor which I mainly use for gaming. This second monitor would be used for secondary tasks, watching Netflix and occasionally playing some of my old consoles (PS2, xbox, nintendo, etc.). The response time and refresh rate aren't that important, something like 10-15ms and 60hz is good enough . I'm not doing any video or photo editting. I just want something that gives a visually appealing image when watching movies.

Because I'll be playing some console on it I prefer a TV but small 1080p TVs aren't common (at least I can't find them), so a monitor is fine and I can just find a work around.

My face is 1.5-2ft away from my 24.5 inch and it feels a little big to me sometimes. The second display would be more like 3-4 feet away from me so I'm thinking around 30 inch is a good size, I really don't want anything bigger.

I don't understand how contrast ratio and display colours translate into my viewing experience. What should I be looking at.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I have a GTX 1080, I have HDMI, display port and DVI.