Question TV Monitor vs Normal Monitor

Jul 12, 2019
Hello guys!

I am going to upgrade my PC and also my monitor this month. I currently have a 1080p TV that I use as a monitor and a gtx 970. I am going to buy a completely new PC with a rtx 2080 and the main purpose is to upgrade to 1440p.

I game about 3-4 hours a day (mainly RPGs) and watch movies (YouTube, Netflix) about the same time. I also use things like Excel, Word, Mathlab, and I read a LOT.

I always liked the fact of using a TV as a monitor because of the size. It does not bother me to be close to a big screen, and when I play games or watch a movie I can distance myself from the television to do that. This worked perfectly with 1080p.

The problem is that we are in a time where the gaming is at 1440p and high framerates where the TV is 4K. Also, 4K today without an SLI of RTX 2070 up is pratically impossible at constant 60 FPS on many games. As I’m not going to spend my house on a computer, 1440p and 60 FPS seems ok to me. Also, I’m not fan os SLIs.

The biggest concern is wether I get a Premium 4K TV or a Premium 1440p monitor. I’m willing to spend about 700 dollars on the display.

What are your thoughts about that? My top choices are the Agon AG352UCG6, Predator X34 and the TV Samsung Q80.

I want a 30 + inch monitor if that’s the case.

The biggest points earned by monitors are the gsync and feeesync support and also greater framerates. The TV gains in size. Is it possible to use some sort of freesync or non-constant refresh rates on the TV? Also, as I’m going to need to downscale to 1440p on the 4K TV, is there a quality loss in doing that, compared to use the native 1440 ? I’m not that expert on this topic, I would appreciate any
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