TV tuner Experiences


Mar 21, 2002
Hi everyone,

Here is my setup:

xp1800+ running on soyo dragon plus, gainward ti4400 and windows xp. Now I have cable for my internet connection and was wondering if I could watch tv on my computer?

The obvious choice is a tv tuner card but since my graphics card is vivo, is there any way it can provide the same functionality? If so what what would the difference be in quality, limitation etc?

If i can't do this, what tv tuner card would you guys recommend from experience. I have looked at many tuners online and the AverTV Studio seems nice balance of features and price. If you have used it let me know about picture quality etc. I heard that tv tuners had crappy quality (grainy and look artificial) is this true?

Plus I am looking to play me gaming consoles on my monitor too, would I be able to do this by tv tuner card?

thanks for all the help in advance:)

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Your video card has Video In? You could hook a VCR or cable box to it to use as a tuner.

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