Question TV WiFi Hindering Overall Connection

Nov 1, 2022
So, I recently upgraded my TV to an LG C2. Great looking TV but I've noticed an issue with it - whenever it's plugged into the mains and a Wi-Fi connection has been established to it, my overall internet speed is halved. The router is downstairs, directly underneath the room the TV is in - it's a BT Smart Hub 2. Due to the location of the router, my PC, PS5 and Switch are all connected wirelessly so any suggestions of running them wired are out of the question. As soon as I unplug the TV from the mains and re-test the connection on my PC, I'm back up to over 400mbps. The same issue happens when my phone is connected via Wi-Fi - the overall speed drops to around 200 instead of the 400+ I should be getting

Does anyone have any suggestions (other than telling me to run everything wired) to fix this problem?
You would think it just being connected would not cause that much issues. If it is actually using bandwidth then it can in effect block your other equipment. The signal from your other devices maybe very weak at the router compared to the tv.

I guess it is good in some ways it is your equipment and not the neighbors tv. Can you force them on to different radio bands. Run the tv on say 2.4 and your other stuff on 5.

Also it depends on what you are actually doing. 200mbps is more than enough for almost any application. A large download might take longer but everything else does not need much bandwidth. 4k netflix maybe uses 25-30mbps and having more does not make it run any better.