Oct 18, 2008
I have a 710 x3 at 3.3ghz
4gigs of 1066 ddr2
and a 4870 1gig and wanted to know the best tweaking settings so i can play most of the games without hiccups. Should I live the settings on my ATI tool to default and max the settings in the game? Or how about anistropy filtering and triple buffering? should I live those alone or turn em on. It seems that my setup on some games lags a little bit.


Jun 14, 2009
I currently have a very similar system. I leave all the graphics settings on automatic/application settings, and tweak all my settings from within the games themselves.

For Overdrive, I manually set my fan at a steady 40%, with the GPU at 810, memory at 1075. I have an extremely well ventilated case, so these settings work well for me, and even under full load, very rarely break 80c on the GPU.

The overclocking of the CPU had a greater effect on the gaming performance than the card alone, I found. Combined it is head and shoulders above how it was performing at stock speeds.