News Twitch Finally Offers Its Own Streaming App


Apr 19, 2010
If it has a decent auto detect for setting then it's definitely going to be a recommended app for budding streamers. That's one of the biggest hurdles for a rookie caster, realizing that 1080p60 is actually not a good setting to use for various reasons. Just having the application run some tests for a few minutes and then pop up "ok boss, these are the best settings!" will be a godsend.

"We're curious about the audience engagement tools debuting with Twitch Studio. Right now most of these functions, like an activity feed, chat, and real-time alerts, are offered by outside platforms like Streamlabs and StreamElements. Offering similar features should make it easier for new streamers to interact with their audiences, sure, but it also seems like Twitch wants to exert more control over every step of the streaming process than it does now."

No surprise there, Twitch wants all donations to go through them to maximize the cut they get from the streamers. Bits was a huge hit in cutting down donations but now it has come out that one bit is about a nickle and half of that nickle goes to a streamer unless they are partnered in which case they get 4 cents on the bit. (Unless you're buying bits on mobile im which case twitch gets a much nicer cut.)

"Streamlabs and Newzoo reported in July that the hours spent broadcasting to and watching Twitch declined quarter-over-quarter. This couldn't be attributed to an overall decline in the streaming market, either, as other services reported increases for both metrics. Twitch also lost its most high-profile streamer, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, earlier this month after he signed a deal with Microsoft to stream exclusively on Mixer."

A load of streamers are leaving Twitch for political reasons, mostly because of how twitch is openly presenting itself as intolerant to non progressive leaning views, meanwhile they have others who are rather peeved at how twitch will go out of its way to "hand slap" larger streamers (ManVsGame using uppers, Dr Disrespect having his IRL stream go into a very occupied public bathroom, the numerous accidental slippages of upper body flesh) when a pink slip should have been the resulted consequence.

Where they go is honestly harder to track because they certainly are not going over to YouTube gaming (exclusively) which has a just as strict policy for their streams and the barrier of not being able to go directly over and begin streaming. (1000 subs, viewership numbers on the videos, min watch time for each video. Then, finally you can Livestream).
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