Question Twitch stream very low quality, internet is fine

Apr 21, 2019
Sorry if this is the wrong topic, idk were else to put this. I trust Toms Hardware, I put a question in the twitch developer forums it someone said not to post there, idk what that’s for. I don’t want to make a reddit account, so I hope it’s ok that I’m posting this here. This may or may not be internet issues, but it’s a streaming problem.

So I’m a new twitch streamer, I use OBS Streamlabs, when I look back at my streams they are 320p! My ping is between 50 and 70ms, not the best but it works, my download is 11-13mbps, and my upload speed is always between 3.8 and 4.2 mbps, and I’m told that 3mbps is the minimum for 720p at 30fps. I have the video settings to 720p and 30fps in OBS, I always put my games into 720p, to save processing time. my bitrate is set to 1550, anything higher and the stream seems to go offline randomly. My audio is set to 44.1khz stereo, and my cpu preset is on fast. My cpu specs are fine, it’s a new gaming computer that I built, the cpu is an intel core i5-9600k, not the best, but should be able to handle this. I don’t know what the problem is, it’s not my internet, so could it be my settings? What could be causing such a low quality?