News Twitter User Runs Windows 10 on 192MB of RAM


It does make me wonder what would happen if I attempted to install Windows 10 on my still-working Celeron 1GHz system with its whopping 416MB of SDR RAM.

Practically a luxurious excess! But, I imagine there'd be other issues.


Someone's jealous! :)

I get doing something like this 'just because you can' but it's a completely pointless endeavor from a usability standpoint. Even if you CAN open anything, it's already so deep on page file that the experience will be horrible. In truth, Win 10 on 2GB of RAM is a tempt of your patience. This is nothing more than a "Stuart: Look what I can do".

There is actually a really good YouTube video of a fellow doing this exact same thing. Can't recall what he got down to, but I played along with him and it was crazy how unresponsive and terrible the experience gets as you go well below what the system needs to operate properly.
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