Two +12 rails ???


Jan 11, 2010
Hi users...
I want to buy real power pro 460w bt i dnt understand its showin dat it gives 32 amp on +12 rails.. .it has two rails.dnt kno wat it means n if it vl b able 2 run a 5750..n vl 32 amps b available fr graphics card to use....
That unit has 2 12 volt rails each puts out 18 amps for a combined 32 Amps it is one of cooler master's better PSU but I cant find a price for it and it probably isnt worth what they want for it. That unit should be able to power those cards but it will be cutting it close.

I would go with a Corsair or Antec

Antec 500 watt PSU

Corsair 550 watt

Either unit will power those cards just fine.
AMD Recommends 600 watt PSU but a quality 500 watt PSU will be more then enough to run it I wouldnt recommend getting that unit.


Sep 8, 2006
I purchased a Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600 Watt for less then most 500-550 Watt power supplies and it has 2 +12V rails @ 18 Amps and supports 2 - HD 5770, so either one of the PSU listed by Saaiello would be good. Antec Basiq 500 Watt is cheap and will do the job fine!