Question Two 4K Televisions locked at 30hz

Jun 18, 2019
I have recently switched from two monitors to two 4K Hisense televisions because my eyes are getting bad and I like the bigger screens. However, whenever I try to set the resolution of any of the TVs, it will give me the option to set the refresh rate to 60hz in display properties but only caps out at 30hz... most of the time. There are times where by some miracle I'll achieve 60hz through a combination of restarting my pc, changing the nvidia color settings, or swapping the same 2 cables around. But whenever I get one of my TVs to 60hz, it will revert back to 30hz after a seemingly random amount of time. I've also gotten both of my TVs to display 60hz at the same time, but one or both will always revert back to 30hz after period of time.

My setup is as follows:

2x Hisense 43R7E
EVGA Geforce GTX 1080ti
Plugable Displayport to HDMI converter
Club 3D Displayport to HDMI converter
2x HDMI 2.0 cables

The graphics card has 1 HDMI slot that I can connect 1 tv to without having to use a converter, but even then it doesn't guarantee 60hz.

Edit: I forgot to mention that switching to a lower resolution like 1920x1080 doesn't seem to fix the refresh rate either :\.
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