Question Two Asus Z490-A motherboards won't boot -- CPU fan won't spin?

Apr 22, 2021
Weird issue with two Asus Z490-A boards that I have.

1st board I bought a brand new cpu installed with ram booted updated bios to allow for new 11th gen cpu. swapped cpu tried to boot a few times but kept throwing dram error now wont even boot or cpu spin. led lights work.

2nd board where the 1st cpu went ( trying to update bios again) Wont boot or fan spin. Tried different ram and power supplies.
memory and power supplies work tried on different computer and with a power supply tester
Tried clearing cmos on both per user instructions.
Tried unseating and reseating the cpu's on both.
Have cmos batteries out on both waiting till tomorrow to see what happens. Anything I should try?