Question Two brand new EVGA 650 B5 on PSU Tester both PG=0 flashing & bleeping ?


Aug 22, 2011
Just doing a upgrade on my sons PC as he brought a RX6700 and only had a 500W PSU so got him a modular EVGA 650 B5 and got myself another one for me for upgrade later in the year.

Plugging it into the PSU Tester and its comes all the voltages are fine green lights all round but the PG reading is Zero and its flashing and bleeping. Tried it on normal and ECO model and still get the same. All cables plugged in Mobo/CPU/VGA/Sata/Molex even the floppy so though I would try the other one I brought and the same thing happens with that.

Having both PSU's do this brand new same out the box, surely they both can't be faulty. I've tested an old Coolermaster 500w with the tester and all is good with that went back to the EVGA's and still the same issue.

Don't know if its because of something specific EVGA have done with the circuitry with it being Modular and having the ECO mode which is messing the readings up on the tester as its just a bog standard PSU Tester.

If anyone can help that would be perfect