Two Builds- AM3 or AM2+?


Apr 13, 2009
Alright so some of you might have seen my other thread where i was trying to figure out if i wanted to switch to an AMD build. To make a long story short, i think i am convinced that AMD would be better for what i need the computer to do. So now the question is whether i go with the new AM3, or the older AM2+? I will give both builds, and I would like help/suggestions on all parts (some i am pretty much sold on already though)

AM3 build:
PII X4 955
Asus 4A78T (I really need suggestions on the mobo)
OCZ 4gb ddr3 1600 RAM (what about Gskill?)
Western Digital caviar black 500 gb @ 7200 rpm
coolermaster haf 932
hd4890 (what about gtx 275?)
lg dvd burner
Corsair 750tx
razer arctosa keyboard

I need help with the cpu cooler...

about $1090 + cpu cooler

Ok so now for the AM2+ build
PII X4 940
Gigabyte GA-MA790X (once again i am really not sure)
G SKill 4 gb ddr2 1066
same HDD
Same case
same gpu (gtx 275?)
same dvd burner
same psu
same keyboard

still need a cpu cooler

about $990 + cpu cooler

This will be a schoolwork, daily computing, and gaming computer.

I appreciate any help you guys can give.


Apr 13, 2009
Thanks. I am curious because i have had some suggest that i should go with a ddr2 quad core from amd or intel. they were trying to save me money though, which is definitely a good thing. But there is only a $100 difference in those two builds.
A few months ago ddr3 was much more expensive and ddr2 made a lot more sense .

The ddr3 you have listed is quite high voltage . Look for a deals on ram with low timings [ 7-7-7-20 is better than 8-8-8-24 ] and voltage at 1.65
OCz has upped the voltage on that RAM to tighten the timings . Im sure you can do better .

for gfx cards , I like the ATI CCC much better than any nVidia software I have seen .