Question Two different RAM modules dual channeling?

Sep 4, 2020
So, about 1 month ago, I was running a 4 GB ram on windows 10 with an HDD and it was very slow and unresponsive. So, to work without any kind of distractions I added an 8 GB RAM with an SSD, and later came to realize that RAM needs to have the same clock speed. I was using 12 GB of ram without dual channeling ofc, two different memory one integrated into dell laptop, and the other I added(8 GB Kingston). It was running a single channel amazing speed, no problems.

But about 2-3 days ago, I restarted my computer and the bios time was quite unusual it took a lot longer than 10 seconds (usually takes 4-6 secs) and I find out that my memory is dual channeled and the frequency of my memory is reduced drastically. (remember it was single channel before, I used speccy and HWinfo to confirm). is there anything I can do or just leave it be? I don't feel any decrease in performance.

Dell 5570 Laptop

i5 8250
12 gb ram(4(2400 Mhz)+8(2666 Mhz)(added))
1tb + 256 gb ssd(added)
amd radeon 530 graphics
windows 10 home
upgraded bios
all drivers working fine according to diagnostics
Leave it be. I quickly looked through your BIOS options and didn't see any way to control RAM.

Slowing down the 8GB stick (to 2400 I assume) is a couple percent performance decrease, but the dual channel is a couple percent performance increase ... in the end, it's about the same.
Jul 5, 2020
does the mother board have 2 or 4 slots? i mean bender probably rifht...jiust leave it. but if nags at you then uou and you can configure the ram with wjat slots uou use


Dec 24, 2014
In all honesty it should be fine. As long as both ram sticks have the same CL timings you will be fine, having different sizes or speed shouldn't effect the performace that much. The system will just down clock one of your sticks to match the same speed as the other one if necessary.

Having the sticks run in duel channel is a lot better than single channel and you will get a small performance increase so its better to leave it. If it does bother you though you can also try taking them out and re-seating them. If you have different speed sticks then the slow boot up time could be down to one of your ram sticks down clocking its self but it shouldnt be that bad.

Only other thing i can think of that would be slowing your boot time down is bloatware on your SSD. I would go through your startup folder and remove anything that you dont need running when booting up.

Hope this helps a little.
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