Question Two different speaker setups i want to connect to same PC ?

Jun 23, 2022
i have just bought a Logitech 3 speaker system (2 speakers and subwoofer) and i have 2 Bose desktop speakers. I want to make all of them work on Windows 10 64-bit with foobar2000. They are not surround sound but I want to force them to be, but I just want 2 speakers on the left and the other 2 on the right with the subwoofer in the middle. If anyone could give me a guide or faq that would be nice or some good advice thankyou.

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If those speakers are powered you can stick them on the soundcard rear speaker outputs, connect the Logitech setup on the L/R outputs. If your soundcard does not have independent outputs nothing you can do with this setup for actual surround sound. You can probably get them all working with an audio splitter but that will just send the L/R signal to the rear speakers which would be worse than not having them at all.
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