Question "two finger zoom" or "pinch to zoom" too sensitive.


Jun 1, 2020
What's two finger zoom or pinch zoom?

On my touchpad I use two fingers and they go apart for zooming in and closer to zooming out.
I use them for::

a) Google books

b) Reading pdfs in browser (I can instead use masterpdf reader for this which is a great fix)

c) Reading web pages in browsers

I don't use 200% text size because I don't need them forever.

The reason to not use firefox or seek for its alternatives is:

1) It keeps crashing while watching youtube videos.

2) It keeps crashing a lot of tabs under normal circumstances.

Submitting crash reports to firefox has yielded no fruit.

3) Plus, I always use 2 different browsers for various reasons and purposes.

4) I don't like its bookmark manager. It's Unfriendly with me.


This is the exact problem I've got but not in chromium but in chrome(I don't mean chromium is working great, please read Try1 and Try7 for understanding this).

OP also has got a video about it.


PS it looks like the bug has been fixed, but I'm still getting issues. (See Try1 below for chromium browser). I've submitted my bug report to chromium.

(same as above link, written for those who don't want to waste their data on external sites: My problem is whenever I tried to zoom using trackpad/touchpad in chrome in Ubuntu, it'd be too sensitive. Small two finger zoom would bring large variations compared to firefox in Ubuntu or any browsers in windows 10 case.)

There are other problems related with this as well as given in below post but they're not necessary to understand. But I put it here thinking that it'd help for context.

Reading below this is not necessary as it's just my tries. Try1 and Try7 are the most important.

Try1: Do what OP of chromium bugs did in chromium browser

I.e do as per this "Wayland support in Chromium can be activated at about://flags → Preferred Ozone platform → Wayland if this is not already the case by default."

Nothing good happened with this.

I can't pinch zoom with touchpad.
I can't scroll smoothly with mouse scroll button.

I did this in chromium.

After=Before. Nothing changed.

Try 2:Smooth Scroll extension

I've tried Smooth Scroll extension as well. No success.

I'm not sure what settings would make this most useful. Hitting and trailing millions of options doesn't seem proper option to me.

Try 3:Epiphany Browser

Epiphany browser was tried. It works nicely for two finger zooming. But the scrolling(with mouse not touchpad) isn't smooth there. It's very bad. (Not out of the box)

Try 4:Slimjet Browser

Slimjet browser was tried. Neither it does smooth scrolling, nor two finger zooming. (Not out of the box)

Try 5:pinch To Zoom extension
I tried this extension "Pinch To Zoom". Didn't work.

Try 6:Brave browser

No success.

Try 7: Do what OP of chromium bugs did in google chrome browser

Did what the OP of that bug report in chromium asked to do as w/o that nothing good happened. Even after doing that nothing good has happened.

Could scroll smoothly(With mouse scroll bar not touchpad).
Could zoom using touch pad albeit it was too sensitive, fast and thus unusable.

Can't scroll smoothly.
Can't zoom at all using touchpad.

Instead I've got a new problem. It's shown in the video below:


When I say " With mouse scroll bar not touchpad", it doesn't mean touchpad scrolling is bad. It just means I'm talking about bad scrolling with mouse.