Question Two HP RTX 2060 One black screens under load


Jan 18, 2020
So I have two HP RTX 2060 one is fully functional and the other goes black screen1-20 seconds once its under load(open a game etc) sometimes its instant sometimes its under the load for a bit game looks fine as it reaches the menu then black screen,
The good gpu is the top one with the grey paste and the black screening one on bottom with blue paste, I have a multimeter but i don't have the knowledge to probe everything and know what readings in what mode are good/bad



If the cards were purchased used, then they most certainly have been used for mining in one manner, shape or form, which in this instance is impossible to repair with the tools found in a household. To add further insult to injury, HP have been known to have subpar hardware/componentry(since they need to make as much profit as possible) and the card would be bundled with their Omen lineup of prebuilt desktop, which were also horrendous. HP's gear are more of e-waste.

If this is just an exercise to help train your eyes, perhaps place the PCB of the GPU that's giving you a black screen under a microscope, would help in identify any burn or blown power delivery componentry. Would also be useful to have a thermal camera in case the entire GPU is receiving power but is shorting.

Last bit of advice, might want to locate the BIOS chip and see if you can reflash the VBIOS though I have my doubts it's a VBIOS issue.
though please take those URL's with a grain of salt.