Two laptops connected so that one is like an external hard-drive


Feb 16, 2012
Hey, I'm wondering if there is a way to make a laptop plug in to another computer like an external hard drive. I currently have a 19-inch laptop, but it's just too big to take to university, which is what I need. So, I'm looking at purchasing a smaller, 13-inch laptop, to take with me. But the screen size on that one is just awkwardly small to actually do large amounts of work on. So, I was wanting to get the small laptop to work like a external HDD and be able to plug it into my big laptop when I get home and get my data off it without having to transfer it across using a USB or anything...
Why not just get an Extra LCD, big , bigger or biggest and connect it to the smaller laptop's external vga/hdmi port and do all the work you want in the world, if, of course the laptop is fast enough to handle the work?
You've got a 19" laptop, you've got a 13" laptop too..... now all you need is a 24" or 27" Screen and you'll love just using this tiny bit of equipment on that big a screen.. :)