Question Two modems on a splitter ?

Jul 8, 2021
I've read that its technically possible, but in general I'd like 2 separate cable modems for internet to be connected on the same coaxial line by a splitter. 2 different modems, 2 different cable contracts, both on Spectrum. In Hawaii, ISP's allow for multiple accounts in the same household so I was wondering if I could use a splitter so that my girlfriend's parents internet and ours would be separate but in the same house(6 people on a 100mbps plan is a pain).

Would it be okay?
Technically that is how the ISP does it out on the street between houses. A bunch of houses near you are all connected to the same cable with splitters as it goes back to some central cabinet. If the ISP is not a idiot they limit how many total houses they have on the same cable.

As long as the ISP will allows you to activate a second modem/account in your house it will work. I know a very stupid person who did this and put it in his neighbors house who never paid her bills and the cable company refused to activate until she paid off what she owned. Some cable companies do not allow multiple modems because of capacity restrictions. You would think all ISP would allow this it is basically free money if they ignore overloading their systems.