Two Monitor Choices for PS3 Gaming

Barbarian Roman

Jul 16, 2012
Being a rather broke student :( , I need a new HD display device for my ps3, not willing to go over $200 dollars. I could get this tv
which looks awesome for the price, but the "you get what you pay for" phrase keeps coming to my mind. Haven't heard the best reviews about Insignia, and want my TV to last a lot longer than the warranty period.

So, I thought about getting a monitor with hdmi port so I can hook up my PS3. Somewhere around the 22 inches range, as I have a small room so will be playing at monitor range anyway. Really reluctant to spend over $150 dollars, so I bascally have these two choices:
Any ideas which is the better of the two? Picture quality and reliability comes to mind. Both have a pretty long warranty period so I'm not concerned about that (probably both will last a lot longer than that cheap Insignia TV) They will mostly be used for PS3 gaming, watching movies occasionally or hooking up my laptop to the monitor.
Also, as both don't have any speakers, they would have a audio out port to hook up speakers to, right?


Jul 15, 2012
The actual PS3 branded displays have been going on sale for around $200-$250. If you buy from Newegg or Tiger Direct. Even seen a bundle with 2 extra games for $250.

If your looking for something cheaper check out You can probably find listings for refurbished monitors for around $150 and below.