Two network, 2 Printers & Print Server


Mar 13, 2008

In our office we have two network running at a time. We have five PCs in a room having Windows XP as operating system. Among those, 3 PCs are connected to Linux Server through eight port switch and one hp 1007 USB laser printer is connected with one of those PCs. The printer is being shared for 3 PCs. Server based billing software is running on 3 PCs. Rest 2 PCs are connected to Web Server through another switch. One of the 2 PCs is having another HP 1008 USB laser printer attached with. The administrator of Web Server denied to provide permission for sharing of HP 1008 laser printer to those 3 PCs.
Now, these 3 PCs are connected to billing software (Linux Server) as well as Web Server, means, those 3 PCs is having two network connections, Linux Server network and Web Server network. Now, when i share HP 1008 laser printer to the Linux Server network, sometimes it works, sometimes fails to find the shared printers. What is the optimum solution to solve this problem?

N.B. : If i connect printer to print server and Print server connects to eight port switch, then will it work ?.