Question Two networks from one internet point.

Apr 6, 2019
Hi All,
New member and I’ve read the rules and searched for similar issues with no luck so here goes:

I have a BT home hub which does everything I need in the house. I’ve built a garden room and run 8 Ethernet points out there as Wi-fi isn’t good enough and I don’t get a signal.

When I connect my Sonos to the house network (via Ethernet) all is fine except that I cannot play any music as my phone cannot connect to the house Wi-fi from the garden room.

I have bought a new router to go into the garden room which I will connect via Ethernet into a lan port on the house router.

This should give me a new network in the garden room.

My questions are:
Do I have to alter the settings on either router?
Will devices on both networks be able to access each other, and if so, do I need to adjust any settings.

Thanks in advance folks. Hope all is in order.