Question Two of my drives disappear randomly after some time ?

Oct 25, 2020
Hi everyone

So long story short:

A while back i noticed after i started up my pc that 2 drives out of 4 were missing ( still visible in disk management but they were allocated) i than restarted my pc and they came back with all the partions on them ( 1 on each drive ) and all the data. I than tried updating windows, scanning for viruses, replacing sata cables, checking for driver updates, updated bios, using chkdsk commands. Nothing worked, the drives kept still disappearing. So than i bought a new ssd and hdd and cloned the data from the old one to the new ones with acronis true image 2020. After that the drives worked fine for like a week but now i got the same problem again that I had with the old ones.

I can always get the drives back to fully normal and the paritions on them with all the files when i use the mini tool parition wizard free. Where you can use the option rebuild mbr than scan the missing disk and setting the correct drive letter.

I already checked the drives with crystal disk and everything seems fine in my eyes here are the screenshots of the drives ( btw everything is in german i am sorry for that)

the crucial ssd with the system on

samsung ssd which sometimes randomly disappears:

the western digital hdd which also sometimes keeps disappearing:

and last but not least the seagate hdd which works just fine like the crucial ssd :

I also tried to repair windows with the media creation tool in hope that some windows updated bugged out something like the sata controller or so but that didn t help either.

So until now i am bound to using the mini tool partition wizard to get my drives back to working normal.

Here is also my system info:

Custom PC:

Windows Build: 10.0.19042 window 10 pro

Bios Build: f30

Cpu: Ryzen 9 3900x

Gpu: Gigabyte g1 gaming 1070 8GB

Ram: 4x8GB DDR4 32GB Corsair Vengeance

Motherboard: Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite

SSD's: 500gb samsung evo 860 ( new drive randomly disappears ) and a Crucial CT1000MX 1tb ( not new has windows 10 installed on working just fine )
HHD's : Western Digital Blue 1Tb (WDC WD10 EZEX-00WN4A0) ( new drive randomly disappears ) and a Seagatte Barracuda 2Tb (ST2000DM 008-2FR102) ( not new works just fine has games and some programms installed on )

i ran chkdsk D: /f on both drives which keep disappearing

on the samung evo it found those 2 unknown failures :

696e647863686b2e 552

6e74667363686b2e 17ff

on the western digital blue it found those 2 unknown failures:

696e647863686b2e 532

6e74667363686b2e 17ff

I really hope that someone could help me here if there is any info you need just ask and i will post it.
I am grateful for every helping answer and the time each one of you would spend to help threw this tremendous problem.