Question Two PC Builds, similar BSODs

Jun 29, 2022
Hi there, I've been having these blue screen issues for a while. The BSOD never gives me a dump or any specific errors. Usually happens when idle or not under load. The funny thing is I've been through two builds and been having very similar if not exactly the same BSOD behavior. There is some shared hardware between the two builds. Listed: Zotac 1650 OC GPUs (separate but same model), Microsoft life cam webcam, mouse and keyboard. However the rest of the build is different. My cpu is slightly undervolted and underclocked (amd9350) and the other build was stock with a xeon cpu. It worked well for months until this issue started creeping back up I've been using the Nvidia supplied GameReady driver however I just switched it to the Zotac supplied driver to see if there's a change. Aida64 didn't find any hardware faults during load tests. The only other similarity between the two builds is barrier the keyboard sharing software. The bluescreens don't coincide with any software running except possibly that. I keep windows up to date as well. Any help to guide me to the fault would be helpful as I'm a video editor and this is causing my life trouble.


How is the wiring in your house? Or power service?

My brother was having BSODs on his system that I couldn't replicate at my house. Once he moved, the BSODs stopped for him also.

Noting that moving is likely off the table as a solution, the next best thing would be a UPS.