Question Two problems: No Smart Access Memory and no AMD Software

Jul 3, 2022
On my home computer, I have a 6800 xt, 5600x with a b550-f gaming wifi motherboad. According to the information out there, I should be able to turn on SAM. It says not available. I troubleshot it, and I updated my bios. It said to enable two things the 3d and resizable bar. However, I don't have an option to enable it, only disable or auto. I enabled one and put the other on auto. When I checked AMD software, it still says unavailable.

I updated my cpu and gpu drivers, too.

What else do I need to do to make this work?


For the second problem

I have an all AMD laptop, I have a 5900HX with a 6800m GPU on the Rog Strix Advantage Edition laptop.

However, I do not have AMD software.

This thing. I am not sure what it's official name is.

When I bought the laptop (new), it did not have it. I went to the AMD website and ended up downloading it, but it was only available when I hit right-click. alt + r didn't work and searching for it on my computer didn't work.

I updated my gpu driver right from the website and it removed it completely.

How do I get it back with the same functionality as I have it on my home computer?


For the sake of relevance, it's a good idea to state the BIOS version for your motherboard as opposed to stating latest. Have you looked into Advanced section of your motherboard's BIOS? As for your drivers, might want to use DDU, to rid your platform of all GPU driver remnants. Then manually install the latest driver from AMD's support site, in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.