Two problems with video card on new build

Ok I'm having two problems with my new build and I think both are related to the video card.

1) I was having trouble getting the drivers to work from AMD's website so I put in the CD that came with the card for the video drivers. It did its thing and re-booted. After re-booting a pop up comes up that says "Couldn't load file or assembly 'MOM.Implementation or one of its dependencies..." Also when I restart the computer it will go back to the really big print, low resolution that the computer starts out at as if there is not video drivers installed.

2) When I get into driver sweeper I click clean then AMD display drivers. A few seconds later a message comes up that says: Can not access desktop gadgets in safe mode, reboot. I rebooted and tried all three safe mode options but I keep getting the same message. Any idea on how to fix these problems?

Gigabyte Z68x-UD4-B3 mobo
8 Gigs of Corsair Ram
I5 2500k cpu
Seasonic 850W psu
Gigabyte Radeon 6970 video card
Windows 7 64 bit OEM (fresh install on brand new SSD)
1. get into safe mode and uninstall everything via program manager
2. Download the latest drivers from AMD's website,
3. not sure why u couldnt get it to work, maybe u downloaded the x86 version ?

When you say delete everything what is EVERYTHING? Everything related to AMD or EVERY single file and program installed?

The problem is I can't use the last 11X series drivers because I want to play COD UO which only works with 10.4 CDD in 64 bit widows. So I have to use the 10.4 I don't know if that would matter or not.
No, the numbering scheme for AMD drivers goes year.month. 10.12 came out in December, 2010, 10.4 came out in April, 2010, a good 8 months before any of the HD 6000 series cards even launched. 10.12 is the earliest driver revision you can use with an HD 6000 series card. If you really want to play CoD 1, you'll have to see if there is some other kind of workaround, because you can't use drivers that are 18 months old.
Yes, but it's not worth spending a lot of extra money for less performance just to play one old game. I suppose if money permits, you could try building a cheap legacy box with some older hardware to ensure compatibility with old titles if it is that important to you.

You said that CoD1 would only work on 10.4 and older on Windows 7 64 bit? Do you know how well it would work on Windows XP, Vista, or even 7 32 bit with more current drivers? If it can work on XP with current drivers, you could set up a dual boot configuration, and run CoD1 from an older OS.