[SOLVED] Two questions on HDDs (CrystalDiskInfo and Mounting Rack) ?


Jun 26, 2017
Okay, so two questions.

1. I was cleaning, found my old WD Book, and decided to test it. It's empty, and thought maybe I could use it as a drive to hold the local sync folder from my cloud storage (OneDrive, Drive, Dropbox) instead of those using onboard storage. Ran it on CrystalDiskInfo and got this:


Is this HDD pretty much dead? Or can I still use it for the purpose? Considering that it's going to just be a local copy of my cloud contents so that I don't have to download them every time.

2. Second question is I'm repurposing an old HP office desktop
(Link to Video I found on YT of some guy dismantling same PC).
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI_TsPlRDH4

I'm going to let my mom use it to play her Story of Seasons and Cities Skylines for a bit until I get enough to get her a proper rig, after which I'll turn it into a home media server. Now my problem is I want to add an additional fan. I was thinking of adding of adding a side facing fan on the HDD cage where it would pull from the intake holes placed there (You can see it on upper right of video at around 20seconds in). I think it would be good for the HDD to get the extra ventilation too. However I'm worried if putting the fan there might cause damage to the HDDs from the vibration, or will it be fine?

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer!
This HDD has 726 (= 0x2D6) bad sectors that have been replaced with spares. It also has 135 (= 0x87) sectors which are waiting to be replaced, plus the read and write error rate attributes are non-zero. I would retire this drive from service.