Question Two routers, different times, same network?

Jun 7, 2019
So I've moved into a new flat in the last couple of days, and I've encountered a problem. I'm in a granny flat, seperate from the main house, but the landlord has included unlimited internet in the utilities section of the bills, which is great. Problem is landlord goes to bed at 9.30, and turns the router off, leaving me without internet and without the capacity to plan my lessons for the next day (I'm a teacher, and all the planning happens online). I asked landlord and they said they can't sleep with it on, so they turn it off, and apologised about it, but said that "cutting me off from work is better for you cause you're not supposed to have computers within an hour of bed". I understand this, but landlord won't budge on this so I'm trying to find a work around. Without having to resort to paying for mobile data (which is stupidly expensive) I was trying to find a solution.
Is it possible to have a router in my own granny flat, and turn it on when the main router is turned off for the night? I would only be running the router after the main one was turned off, so there wouldn't be a double router issue, but it would be a seperate network, and probably only a wired network.
I have a phone jack in my flat (A long skinny one, looks like a BS6312 from my research, I'm based in New Zealand) which I don't use as I don't have a landline, and I was wondering if I could use that to hook into the internet line (I'm assuming I need a splitter for that).

Before I go talking to the landlord, I just want to know if this is even possible and within scope, if it is, then I can go check out pricing etc and suchlike and talk to the landlord if they'd be amenable to such an arrangement.
Any help is appreciated, as to what sort of components I'd need or how I'd go about setting it up.

Many thanks,
It is surprising that someone not be able to sleep with just a router on. They do not have fans and most have only tiny lights. One router I have has a button to turn off the lights completely.

It depends on how the internet is delivered. If it is over a phone line then maybe. If it is say a fiber connection or coax tv connection then you need one of those in your room to hook up internet.

If the connection is coming in over the phone line you can in most cases call the phone company and have a second internet connection installed......for a extra monthly cost of course. Most telephone lines going to people houses have extra wires so you can have 2 lines in the house.

I suspect what you are asking is can you in effect pick up and move the router from her room to yours. That would be you first test if she would allow it and that you actually get service via the phone lines rather than say fiber. You need to be sure the phone wires are all connected. The ones to your room may not be connected to the outside phone line.

Now lets assume you could pick the router up and move it. It might be possible to use a different router. Problem is how does the ISP identify the router, they want to prevent people from just hooking equipment up without paying for service. Some ISP use userid and passwords others you just have to get the settings correct. You would need to see the settings in the main router to know.