Two screen upgrade


Jul 4, 2009
Hello Guys
I decided that I want to upgrade my system but I don’t exactly know what should I upgrade in it. Here are my system spec now:
Cpu: Intel quad core Q6600
Motherboard: ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2
Memory(RAM) : Kingston ddr2 667mhz 2GB (2x1gb )
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT 512MB
Samsung 320Gb HDD
Hannspree 19inch screen
I want to upgrade my Ram to at least 4GB 800Mhz DDR2 ram but I don’t know if I should spend more on it and buy ddr3 ram. Also if I want to upgrade my ram I need a new motherboard because my current one only can take up to 2 gb of ram. I also want to buy an other screen so I can have dual screen system. I was thinking about a 22 inch Samsung t220hd. Then later on I would buy an other one and change my current screen to that so I will have 2 22inch screens. But I’m not sure if my current graphics card would take 2 22 inch screens in hd. Plus it only has one dvi connector and one vga which is ok until I buy my second 22 inch screen because then I want to hook them both up to dvi ports because I heard that they are better. I’m not really a big gamer and I’m not planning on using my computer to play many games. I just want my computer to take the two 22 inch screens in full resolution with no problem when I do lighter tasks. So basically my questions are should I go with the cheaper ddr2 memory or go for the faster but more expensive ddr3? What kind of motherboard should I buy and what kind of graphix card should I upgrade to?

Sorry if I’m asking too much but this is going to be my first multy screen system and I want it to run with no problem.


Apr 17, 2009
Your video card can already handle two monitors. Not sure if you have to get a DVI/VGA splitter though.

Also, stick to DDR2 RAM. As an article on this site concludes (forgot where it's located), DDR3 doesn't really provide any performance benefits—at least not enough to justify its cost.


May 13, 2008
Keep your current CPU, not worth it to upgrade.
Get a new Mobo, say a nvidia 790i or a crossfire ready board, the high end mobo's of the 775 socket processor are cheap these days. a high end one should only set you back 100-150
Sell your 8600GT, get buy Radeon 4850 or GTX260 w/216 cores should cost you about 120-130
Upgrade your ram while your at it to DDR2 800 2gbx2gb (4gb) any name brand will do should only cost you 40 bucks.

Done. Costs: $240-320