two very strange things happening and i need help please


Aug 19, 2006
ok...the first problem i have is when i put my computer in standby or hibernation...about 75% of the time, when i bring it out of said state, i can use instant messaging, play online games, etc (my internet works), but not my internet browser. neither firefox or IE works, it acts just as if i was offline. my second when using a program that opens an HTM or HTML file inside itself (counter-strike, anti-virus, just about anything), it asks me before it opens it, and if i click ok, it opens it in my internet browser, and i have no idea why. this gets REALLY annoying, especially during online gaming when i can't see in-game guides to do things, and it opens up 3-4 dialog screens before every single game. anyone have any idea how to fix either of these problems? i would greatly appreciate it.