Two video cards fried and no answers.


Jul 18, 2007
I have an Asus A8N - SLI deluxe motherboard and I had a ATI Radeon X800 XL 256MB and running Windows XP Professional. I just recently purchased a D-Link Wirless G Desktop Adapter (M.N. WDA - 1320) and installed the card into my desktop. I had installed the drivers previous to installing the card. It booted up fine at first and then the screen went dark on my Samsung Synchmaster apart from a little bouncing square informing that it was not at optimum resolution and I had to change it to optimum resolution.

So we removed the wireless card and got the same results. We tried booting into BIOS and it did once and everything was normal. The next time we restarted and tried to get into VGA mode, no dice. In succession a knoppix CD, a windows XP CD, and unplugging the mouse and keyboard to get into BIOS were tried. Nothing worked, the display continued as before. The start up beep was normal the whole time.

To test whether the card was indeed shot we put it into a different computer and the same thing happened. The card was two years old and has some heavy use (I am an artist that uses GPU intensive programs like Maya) so I figured it was just it's time to go. I ordered a new VGA EVGA 7900GS KO 256-P2-N624-AR R. I popped it in and it worked fine. Then I made the fatal mistake of trying the wireless card again..... same scenario.

I would appreciate if any one has some insight on the mystery of the Death-Link wireless card.


Jan 14, 2006
Mabey, Just An Educated Guess, But Mabey The Wireless Card Is Causing The Board To Pull To Much Wattage Through The Slots Causing The Video-Card To Overvolt But Thats Just A Theory, A Possibly Fault Motherboard