Question Two week old LG 34GP83A-B started blinking black randomly while I was working ?

Apr 8, 2021
I got the subject monitor less than 2 weeks ago. Had it connected to my laptop through an HDMI cable as a second monitor, and was doing some work. All the sudden it blinks black for half a second. Then after that every 5-10 seconds it will blink again. I have tried plugging it into a different computer with the same result. I also tried unplugging it from all computers so that the "no signal" message is displayed, and that "no signal" message will also blink the same way it was blinking when plugged into a computer. I have tried disabling the power save settings as well with no result. It is also worth noting I tried plugging the monitor into a different wall plug.

I had a small amount of progress when I unplugged the monitor from the wall, held the power button for 10 seconds, and then left it alone for 30 minutes or so before plugging it back in. At this point it will act normally for 10-15 minutes, then go back to blinking.

Anyone have any ideas?