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Hi, I hope someone can help.

I have a Tyan s2676 with two Xeon CPUs and BIOS 2.01. The PC is new
and stable, but my newly installed Sitecom USB2 card reader which is
plugged into a back USB2 socket will only transfer a few files before
failing often with a Win XP ’USB device not recongnized’ error.

The card reader will then sometimes some back up itself but then the
pattern repeats.

Is it worth upgrading to BIOS 2.02?

If so how do I do it without a floppy drive?

Any other ideas? Thanks

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Feb 10, 2006
Is this a custom built PC?
Double check the pins on the MB for your USB connector. Were they
placed correctly according the MB manual?
My 7-1 reader is installed in a front bay and has a usb adaptor cable that allows me to connect it to the pins on the MB.

Or update the drivers for the reader if any.

Otherwise, the Tyan 2676 is a great board, as was the Tyan 2665 Thunder that I upgraded from.

Hope this helps,

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