News U.S.-China. Trade War is Good for Taiwan's Tech Factories


Aug 28, 2007
Those who are not familiar with the business of world trade really don't understand that this kind of trade war between the US and China won't be a short one. The goal is not necessarily for one side or the other to 'win'. Ultimately, it's about fair trade. One side having a huge advantage over the other, as in this case with Chinese tariffs on US goods sold in China and in the US vs. US goods that are sold in China, is a huge problem and causes a significant imbalance to the US economy. It has only gotten worse over time and has never been addressed and that 'trade ball' continued to get kicked down the road for another US presidency administration to worry about it. The fact that President Trump is the one who decided to actually take action is just one more thing you can choose to love or hate about him. I try to remain neutral in this particular subject as ultimately I would like to see fair trade with both China and the US being winners.


Jan 22, 2015
I was looking up the US's GDP for other reasons, but the chart that came up also showed China's GDP growth over the last 30ish years. It was eye opening.

When Bush 1 took office in 1989, China's GDP was $347.8 Billion
When Bill Clinton took office in 1993, China's GDP was $444.7 Billion
Bush 2 in 2000: $1.21 Trillion
Obama in 2008 was after things started taking off: $4.6 trillion
In 2017, China's GDP was $12.24 Trillion, or an increase of $11,795 Billion (2650%) over 25 years.
In 2018 it was $13.4 Trillion: an increase on $1.2 Trillion over 1 year. They grew their economy In one year, by as much money than the entire country's economic output was worth 2.25 presidents ago.
In 2019 their estimated GDP is $14.2 Trillion: An increase of more than their pre-Bush 1 GDP combined with their pre-Clinton GDP

So.. What's up with that?

Also, what's the deal with Taiwan? I'm looking for their GDP, but stuff is pointing to them being, well, also China.
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Dec 18, 2016
The commie regime shouldn't have been allowed into the WTO in the first place.
I guess few people know the fact that the official name of Taiwan is actually the Republic of China and the fact that it's a democratic country that actually respect basic human rights.