Feb 27, 2007
I want to build a SFF gaming rig on the cheap. I will be overclocking. I want to use a P4 dual-core CPU (I think it is the cheapest way to go). Please help with board, and chipset recommendations. I will be adding a video card and am not Going Sli. Thanks for your help.
I am using a Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R mATX board in my rig. Check out the full specs. This board has a full range of OC settings (although I've only lightly touched a few of them). The chipset seems to be a little warm, but not too bad. I'm using a 7900GS, but may upgrade that soon (8800GT maybe?). It has at least as many connectors as the bigger P35-DS3R, including firewire. The X-QPACK2 case I used has excellent airflow, although I did get a bad power switch on mine. It will accept a standard PSU. I would suggest a modular one because there isn't lots of room in SFF cases for wads of extra cables. I like the Mushkin I'm using, but it is only Tier-3 so I might choose Corsair if I were building again.


Oh, and as for cost, I re-used some parts, but I don't think I spent over $800.