Question uATX motherboard not aligning to case standoffs?

Dec 28, 2020
I've read that uATX is the same as mATX but my motherboard doesn't correctly align with the case standoffs. Recently transferred an office pc build to a new case and new PSU but it is losing display (possibly due to motherboard short?) and I have to turn it off by flicking the PSU switch . The motherboard is fully pushed into the IO shield and the standoffs don't quite align. This caused me to fit screws wherever they aligned, and possibly a few where they didn't align perfectly. Am also using miscellaneous motherboard screws, some are twistable thumb screws and some are normal screws. Could these be the cause of the issues? Any solutions? Thanks

Motherboard: (9.6 in x 9.6 in)

Case: Lian Li PC-K62 (says it can fit micro ATX)


Jan 10, 2021
Yes, uATX and mATX are just two ways of writing the same thing, that's the "micro-ATX" size standard

I've looked up the specs for both that case and motherboard, is this is the case you have: ? I'm seeing no reason why that motherboard wouldn't fit that case

You mentioned that you're using "miscellaneous" screws, does this mean you're not using what came with the case?

even so, if you using screws (on top of the motherboard) and standoffs (underneath, between the motherboard and the case, that are long enough for the motherboard not to be touching the case) and the diameter of both standoff and screws doesn't overlap the copper ring around the screw-hole on the motherboard, you shouldn't be able to get a short

I'm a bit confused as to what you mean by "fitting screws wherever they aligned" because without drilling new holes in the case you only have a choice of where the holes are in the motherboard and the screws either do or don't fit, Could you up-load photo's of your installation with close-ups of the fastenings?