Ubisoft Ending Vista Support For Uplay PC Client

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While I'm not a fan of Vista, as I've said many times before, there is no difference between software that runs on 7 as compared to software running on Vista. They even use the exact same drivers (despite companies rarely admitting this). Windows 8 didn't change much either under the hood despite the differences in UI for software and drivers. Windows 8.1 changed some things, but actual software support is generally identical (again, despite some companies claiming otherwise and thus lying).

Windows 10 is the only Windows OS since Vista that significantly changed software support and that's mostly related to implementing DX 12 support, so graphics drivers actually did need to change even if you only play DX 11 games.

Supposedly ending Vista support does absolutely nothing for improving security for the client on a newer OS at least until Windows 7 support ends and I doubt anything important changes until Windows 8 support ends.


[quotemsg=19548566,0,1612573]What has to go wrong in a person's life for them to still be on Vista?[/quotemsg]

I have a friend who runs Vista because he has never had a need to upgrade. He writes documents and emails. Upgrading has never been anything more than an unnecessary hassle. As of today he has a reason to upgrade though. Having no more security updates for Vista is a problem.


Nov 8, 2010
[quotemsg=19548566,0,1612573]What has to go wrong in a person's life for them to still be on Vista?[/quotemsg]

I have an old laptop I use as an internet machine. It still works fine, minus the battery life. Why would I spend money on a new OS for it to potentially die next week. I mean, chances are, if it's not died yet, it's not going to die next week either. But the SECOND it does die, I'll think, "Oh, I could use that OS money towards a new laptop".

tom warner

Jan 15, 2016
U Play bloat ware , not on my box , never and ubi are a big fail when it comes to onlinre support and fixing their crap games
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