Discussion Ubisoft Pre-Orders - Worth It?

Ubisoft spent the past 6 months or more advertising The Division 2 Private Beta with pre-order. I ignored Ubisoft's advertisements for 6 months because I thought to myself, "who pre-orders a game to play a private beta that is 5 months away?" Turns out my gut instinct of being ripped off was right. I mean don't get me wrong, I paid for the game and I will get the game. I pre-ordered for the Private Beta a couple days before it dropped and it was a fleeting gift that turned out to be the smallest, most insignificant piece of a pre-order that has left me with much less than if I would have waited to pre-order today, with just 1 week until the game's release. First, there was an Open Beta that had the exact same content plus way MORE!!! The open beta offered more than the private beta. What kind of mess is that? Also, I missed out on the free give-a-way games that now come with the pre-order and I don't even get to play the full-game early because I didn't order the Gold Edition. All in all, it was a waste of time and money when I would have loved to be playing Farcry Primal or Ghost Recon Wildlands.

I also just remembered,.. I have 575 Ubisoft points that are supposed to be redeemable in the store. Never, not once, have I EVER been able to redeem one of those points. They just don't work. Ubisoft is worse than EA if you ask me. Everyone has their own set of complaints. I don't play games very much. I like to play the newest games for a week or two and then I'm done. So microtransaction have not phased me because I just don't do them. But I hear Ubisoft is very bad about them also, as is EA.


Ouch, that sucks. I will say I was a big fan of the Division post 1.5 update (which is what the game should of been originally) and was pumped to get the second as it releases a couple of days before my birthday so I was going to get it as a gift for myself but I was very disappointed with the open beta. Graphics (imho) are worse then the first game and the difficulty is horribly unbalanced . Super easy solo then joined a game with the friend and ended up almost harder then the 4 player raid on the first game. Did see the promo about preordering and getting a newer Ubisoft game but figured if they had to give away games to get people to preorder it must be crap. I’ll wait a year post release and get the GOTY edition for $20 to continue the story.
I put in all my hours of The Division (the first one) in the first few weeks, and I quit playing because it was so repetitive. I believe I actually played the same missions over and over at least 5-10 times and I wasn't even fully progressed in level. That's when I quit playing. I'm not the best at knowing all the details of a game. But when I get on to play once or twice a week and end up playing the same stuff over and over I'm going to stop playing. I liked the meta story behind the game. The micro-missions are somewhat of a let-down to the grand strategy IMO. And I agree the graphics were terrible in The Division 2. It was using up to 10GB of vram on my 1080 Ti and up to 13GB of system RAM at one point.
But I would like to digress from my rant about the game itself. I paid for the game and I don't want to ruin it for anyone else. I just don't like the fact I pre-ordered for the long anticipated private beta that turned out to be a small portion of what the open beta offered. Not to mention I dont' get any free game or early access to the full game.
Paying/pre-ordering for a beta is just bad practice anyway. Its meant for content creators who can brag about their videos being earlier than anyone else and getting that revenue first.
For a typical buyer, not so much.
You dont really stand to gain anything from it, so why bother?
I would agree. I got recorded video and intended to put it on YouTube, I just never got around to it while I was so busy with work and school. For whatever reason my Google account can't be monetized but I like sharing stuff.

Seems like that type of game could have our Beta gameplay carried over to the full game. After playing the Private Beta and having to play the exact same thing over again in the Open Beta, and then knowing I will have to play that a third time when I get the full game, that is quite a few hours of repeated gameplay. I hope I actually feel like playing through several hours of gameplay I've already played before.. twice. :rolleyes: