Ubisoft Shares Far Cry New Dawn System Requirements


Nov 7, 2017
Same as the previous game's. Unfortunately, FC5 didn't meet my requirements. Not preordering a game again. I'll wait to see if this one flops



Not officially, no. A lot of developers are no longer including it in their game code. Doesn't mean you can't keep using it for games that support it, just that most new games won't see any benefit from it.


Jun 2, 2014
No difference from previous requirements. Also the game runs well on first generation intel "I" series CPU and even on core quad. It can also be run on core 2 duo but is not very playable.
CFX and SLI won't go "bye bye" completely. Hopefully what happens is we stop using AFR (Alternate Frame Rendering) and switch to SFR (Split Frame Rendering)… the latter can use all the GPU's to work on a single FRAME and use up to all the VRAM rather than each card having the same pool of VRAM (AFR means 2x8GB=8GB, SFR means 2x8GB=16GB).

Some games now have code that requires the SAME GPU process as it uses previous frames to increase efficiency.

Right now though SLI is a very, very bad idea. I was just helping a guy out at Tomshardware and he still has issues with a game when adding a second RTX2080 even though he disabled SLI... too many issues as well for stutter or lower FPS though in some cases SLI works great!

We need the GAME ENGINE such as Unreal 4 Engine to make SFR simple to implement otherwise game developers can't justify the extra work. I think they in turn had to wait for DX12 or Vulkan to mature enough. Hopefully we're getting close to that point.

I wonder though if we'll see MIXED CARDS (GPU, VRAM etc) work well. In theory yes, in practice who knows.

At least NVidia is adding support for the better FREESYNC monitors though. Yay!! I'm hoping for one with HDR and Overdrive that supports both an NVidia PC and PS5 (AMD GPU) console. Wishful thinking? Probably not. Also want a 4K, 120Hz (input) HDTV with HDR and Overdrive.

I don't think AMD will be supporting GSYNC monitors though as NVidia would need to give them the info to do that AFAIK.