Ubuntu 18.04 Multi Monitor issues

Jul 10, 2018
My laptop uses Processor AMD® Turion(tm) ii p540 dual-core processor × 2 with graphics AMD® Rs880 [not suitable for W10]. It uses a Belkin extension for a desktop monitor/keyboard /mouse. The laptop HD is partitioned for Windows 7 for checking any OS snags. I came to Ubuntu in the final days of 17.10 and did not have this issue then, which is as follows. Additional to the above is an HDMI connection to a TV monitor which finds difficulty in operating properly. That is, when the TV monitor connects with the laptop, Ubuntu just freezes! The Multi-Monitors dialog box is showing 'On' for all but the 'Aptupdateindicator' does not work. If the TV monitor is connected at booting-up, the image is oversized with nothing on the other monitors nor is there any keyboard/mouse response etc. Switching over to W7: perfect. Looking around the internet forums indicates that some are having a similar experience and I would have hoped that the LTS would have issued a welcome update by now. After all, how necessary are multiple monitors, projectors etc nowadays, that the 18.04 designers wouldn't have known there was a problem? All replies will be welcome. Kind regards.