Question Ubuntu wont boot without Ctrl Alt F1

Mar 10, 2019
I recently installed Ubuntu 18.10 on my computer to start learning python. I did the software update and on the software and updates app i have selected the proprietary nvidia 390 driver. The update is installed and i proceed to restart the computer to finish the process. As my computer starts up again i am prompted to the ubuntu boot menu, i select to boot it up (i have windows 10 as well) but then it gets stuck at a screen like this After a bit of research on google i found out that i can press the ctrl alt f2 key combo followed by ctrl alt f1 to complete the boot process and get it to startup. I have also searched for a script of some kind that i can use to not have to press it every single time but i have not found anything of the sort. I have very little to no experience with scripts and programming so i do not have any idea about how to fix it.

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