[SOLVED] UDIMM and SODIMM for laptop

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Jul 13, 2020

I have a Dell Latitude e5470 laptop with 16gb of memory in it.
I also have a Dell Precision SFF 3420 desktop with 48gb of memory in it.

According to the system configurations for both systems, the types of memory are:
DIMM,8GB,2133,2RX8,4G,DDR4,S for the laptop
DIMM,8GB,2133,2RX8,4G,DDR4,U for the desktop

I only recently purchased 32 GB (2x16) of memory for the desktop, and it was of exactly the same type as the initially installed one.

My question is that I want to transfer these 32GB (2x16) from the desktop, to the laptop, and transfer the 16GB (2x8) from the laptop, to the desktop.
Therefore both of my systems will have 32gb of ram.
Is this possible for these specific machines? Can I try it or will I damage the ram or any other computer parts when trying to see if that works?
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